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CubeMC is a new and fun Minecraft Server with lots of new cube gamemodes! You can play anything from your favorite games such as Survival Games, Survival, TapTac, BenDrowned and more on The Cube server!

You can join the server by adding the IP to your server list!

For the current Server Rules please refer to this article on the CubeMC Forums: Server Rules

If you want to support the server, and get an additional In-Game Rank you can do that by visiting our store and purchasing one of the ranks! All donations from there go 100% to the server and help us keep improving your experience! 

Yes! Please email us: [email protected] with your Minecraft Username and the reason. 

See this post on the forums about how to report a player that was breaking the server rules: Report Players

After a payment has been confirmed by our system you should get your purchased packet within 30 minutes, if experience any problems, feel free to mail us at [email protected].

No, we dont have a function to show the prices in other currencies


dont be scared, all prices will be converted at the checkout!

Currently there is no way to transfer purchased packets to another account.

Yes, dont worry. Our packets are saved with your unique UUID that your account has deep inside it.

Of course we will! We are always working on new fascinating things to guarantee fun for everyone!

To get the rank VIP on our server you need actively uploaded content on Cube and of course a good quality, a minimum of subscribers is round about 5000. But we take a closer look on every application. Write us at [email protected].

About the Cube

CubeMC is a fun Minecraft Server with tons of new cube-tastic features!
Play Survival, BenDrowned, Synfire, TapTac and more on the CubeMC server!

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